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Coconut Whipped Cream


coconut whipped cream - from Oh She Glows

Image from Oh She Glows

If you haven’t heard of this wonderful phenomenon, you’re in for a treat! I made peach sundae’s with vanilla ice cream and homemade canned cardamom peach slices, and wanted to top them off with some whipped cream. I had used this recipe from Oh She Glows in the past for a peanut butter pie filling and thought it would work perfectly. It did!

If you’re from the local area, you’ll know that the Winona Peach Festival makes some delicious peach sundae’s. These were better! I absolutely loved them, maybe partially because of the nostalgia factor of eating them at the fair prior to switching to veganism and finally being able to indulge at home. The whipped coconut cream really makes it though, and you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell it’s dairy free.

You’re probably wondering, where is the picture of this fabulous peach sundae? Showing the vanilla ice cream, cardamom peach slices and dollop of coconut whipped cream? Well I took one, but it was clearly too dark in the room as the picture did not turn out. I obviously couldn’t check the picture first, because I was too busy digging in and eating it all up.

BUT! Never fear, there is a wonderful tutorial with pictures over at the Oh She Glows website that I followed. It is super simple, only takes 3 ingredients (coconut milk, sugar or sweetener of choice, vanilla), and will be ready in no time. You just need to make sure you have a can of full fat coconut milk in the fridge all ready to go.

Coconut Whipped Cream


  • Angela states Thai Kitchen coconut milk won’t work for this, but it’s what I have used both times and it worked for me!
  • I used my stand mixer, and it took probably 5 minutes of whipping to get it to the consistency I wanted. We used the leftovers again the next day and just used a whisk to quickly make it light and fluffy again.
  • While coconut milk is a good source of saturated fat, I would still consider this a treat. It will be hard to resist using this on all of your desserts in the future though..

6 thoughts on “Coconut Whipped Cream

  1. thai kitchen has worked for me too in the past. it’s my go to.


  2. This looks great! I have been looking for a substitute for dairy whipped cream (a weakness of mine), and this looks wonderful! I love your blog!


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