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Bourbon Vanilla Peach Jam and Vegan MoFo


I just wanted to add an update to my peach jam recipe, as I tried a new combination and it’s really wonderful! You can use the exact same recipe, but add in a half cup of bourbon and 1-2 vanilla beans scraped into the peach mixture and allow it all to cook together. I also threw the vanilla pod in to add some more vanilla flavour and removed it before filling jars. The jam came out really yummy!


This month is also Vegan Month of Food. I am going to do my best to blog as many recipes as I can during this time period. I’m already feeling the pressure though as the new school year starts this week and I’m getting back into a new routine with my teaching schedule. I’ve also been asked to do some more admin work on my non teaching days until the end of October so the extra cooking/baking time I’d planned on having won’t exist. I still think I can update at least every other day though!

Thanks for checking in and I hope you leave a comment if you try a recipe and have any suggestions – or let me know if it just works out for you!

Tomorrow: Zucchini banana bread with nuts and chocolate chips!


2 thoughts on “Bourbon Vanilla Peach Jam and Vegan MoFo

  1. Bourbon Vanilla Peach Jam sounds amazing!


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